Maximize Dorm Room Space with the Right Organizational Products

Getting ready for college? How do you squeeze 18 years of belongings into a 10 x 12 foot room? Parents, do you remember your college dorm room? Perhaps, but you most likely don't remember just how small 120 square feet is—and that's for two people!  The good news is, you can fit more than meets the eye, but it takes a bit of planning and the right storage and organizational products. Following a brief commercial, this video hightlights some teriffic ideas for maximizing dorm space. University housewares carries all of the items mentioned here.

One secret is that you've got to make use of all possible space. Clear, stackable draws provide flexibility and visibility at a low cost. Closet space is notoriously limited so special care must go into getting the most out of this limited space. Hangers that can hold multiple pants or shirts save space, as does hanging or over-the-door shoe racks.

And don't forget the space under the bed. A $13.99 set of Bed Risers can turn this unused space into valuable storage space.

Walls also must be utilized to the fullest. Remember, most dorms have policies against using nails for hanging. Command strips can hang all kinds of things, from coats to hampers, and also come off without leaving a mark. Mounting squares are great for pictures and posters, and can be resused.

For cleaning, a cordless vacuum is indispensable. Clip-on lamps provide ample lighting for the desk or bed while saving precious desk space.